God’s Spoken World:Looking Forward to Spring

 Whence Come The Seasons Of The Year?

Spring 2011
 Whence come the seasons of the year?
They come with joy and colors bright,
The blowing winds tell what is near.
The birth of color that will fight,
With rainy days and stormy nights.
North winds begin their hasty blow,
And all the beauty passes slow.

Spring 2010 (May flood)

The darkened skies and frigid days,
Make all the bright mirth fade away.
The trees stand tall in fog and haze,
To cold they fall in great dismay,
And hope soon for a vivid day,
When at last they are reborn.
All bliss is lost on winter’s morn.

Winter 2011

Winter 2005

The chilly air must briskly face.
And soon the fertile hills ascend,
In eager hope that blooms invade.
The towering trees that soon amend,
From the dead state that they once were in,
And soon will thrive as healthy trees,
Which bud ever so verdantly.

Spring 2011
Summer 2010

The sun shines bright all summer long,
Strong showers soon will come and go,
And make the wav’ring boughs grow strong.
Yet lo, the rapid north winds blow
And make dead leaves drift off so slow.

Autumn has come with colors bright,
Painting the leaves, a splendid sight!
Autumn 2010

The frigid breeze sweeps in at last,
And whispers low the threat of death,
With merely one swift frosty blast.
The north wind blows its deadly breath,
And leaves the autumn plains bereft.
Yet shan’t remain withered and dark.
Another season must embark.

Winter 2005
Winter 2011


Whence come the seasons of the year?
Do seasons come only by birth?
Perhaps death brings a season near?
For all the seasons bring us mirth.
And death cannot be so forlorn,
For all must die to be reborn.

Spring 2011

~Blair Sadler Crist

12 October 2004

(all photographs were taken at our home)

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