Easter Table Decorations

Egg cups make sweet table decorations at Easter. 
I  love the botanical theme of this centerpiece. 
Gt048_eggvotive1_xl Martha Stewart
These soft pastel (painted) egg shells in egg cups serve as adorable little votives.

Gt048_eggflowarr1_xl Martha Stewart
 In the photograph above, egg cups are used as vases for tiny  flowers which are placed in partially whole egg shells. 
Gt_eggcup01_xl Martha Stewart
This egg cup holds a small bouquet and doubles as a placecard holder.

Nests and eggs are also a beautiful way to decorate at Easter.  I collect empty nests left behind by the purple finches each winter and save them to use in the spring with tiny clay eggs. Yarrow Acres
carries clay robbin eggs year round. Save On Crafts.com carries dried nests made from grapevine, twigs,  moss, etc. They also carry a variety of eggs.  To visit their website click here:

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