Quotes on Classical Christian Education

A classical Christian approach to education is to seek to establish Scripture as the only foundation on which to build all knowledge. Education is inherently involved in passing knowledge from the older generation to the younger. Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and hence every fact, every thing can only be rightly understood when seen in proper relationship to Jesus Christ. Such an approach presupposes the truth of Christianity and this is where we see the antithesis between true biblical faith and all forms of unbelieving thought. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. ~Martin Keast
The Christian cannot be satisfied so long as any human activity is either opposed to Christianity or out of all connection with Christianity. Christianity must pervade not merely all nations, but also all of human thought. ~J.Gresham Machen
We live in a nation that has committed itself to the idea of multiculturalism, that is, that all cultures are equally valid and worthwhile. On the face of it, this sounds good and right; in reality, this relativistic approach denies the nature of the antithesis between Christianity and all unbelieving forms of thought. It can be said that multiculturalism is simply the outworking of the ungodly philosophy of relativism in the cultural setting. Western culture has historically been moulded and influenced by Christianity over an extended period of time; in fact, the history of Christianity and that of the West are so intertwined that they cannot be understood apart from one another. ~Martin KeastCulture is religion externalized. ~George Grant

Education is not a subject, and it does not deal in subjects. It is instead the transfer of a way of life. ~G. K. Chesterton

The end of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love Him, to imitate Him, to be like Him as we may the nearest by grace. ~John Milton

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