The Fruit of a Mother’s Hands

In our church, at the conclusion of each worship service, we sing the “Gloria Patri” with our hands raised.  We lift our hands in a gesture of lifting our worship up to God, but also a gesture of lifting our the work of our hands up to Him.  Asking Him to use the things we do in the course of the week for the kingdom.  We lift up the hands that have been in the sink with the dishes, hands that have been fixing hair and buttoning pants, hands that have been wiping off the table and driving to school, hands that have been changing diapers and tickling tummies, hands that have been busy holding other hands.

Mother holding childs hand

These hands, this work, Lord, take them.  And when I look down the row at church, I see that God has multiplied the work of our hands.  All these little hands raised to Him.  Offering up their coloring and school work.  Offering up their staying in bed at nap time. Offering up their laughter, their joy, and their lives.  And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is nothing better or more powerful that I could be doing with my hands.

~Rachel Jankovic, “It Ever Shall Be”. Fit To Burst.

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